How it Works

How does CoopURL link shortening work?

CoopURL is only available for professionals who communicate for cooperatives; this is necessary in order to protect the reputation of the domain and high deliverability rates for cooperatives who use CoopURLs in their campaigns.

Co-op URLs are a great way to brand your links with a co-op domain name while still enjoying the click-through statistics and security.

CoopURL shortens your URLs – when publishing to social media, websites and even email – so you can save space, track number of clicks, and have simple links for your audience.

CoopURL uses its own link shortening service to automatically shorten and track clicks on all links entered into the Social Publishing tool. Below is some additional information about CoopURL's link shortening:

  • By default, CoopURL shortens all links, when they publish, to "" links.
  • While some social media sites track multiple interactions with a post/tweet as a click, CoopURL only tracks direct clicks to the shortened URL.
  • Beware of for its link shortening. .LY is a Libyan domain and could be surreptitiously shut down at any time.
  • CoopURL is for U.S.A. electric cooperatives only; your information is closely guarded

Why is the CoopURL shortener and link management platform better for cooperatives?

CoopURL is a branded short domain for co-ops only.

With CoopURL, you're in good company. Other free domain shorteners accept links to all sorts of domains, even blacklisted domains.